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 Shane "Gridlayer" Mulcare

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PostSubject: Shane "Gridlayer" Mulcare   Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:59 pm

Name: Shane "Gridlayer" Mulcare
Sex: Male
Race: Dayer
Age: 24
Occupation: "Civil Engineer" under the Parliament of Rooks

Physical Description
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 122 lbs
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Brown (Premature Graying)
Skin Color: Bronze

History: "Founder" and sole employee at the Lost Space Reclamation Office. The purpose of the office is to map the constantly growing state of Nifflas and find abandoned property to sell has vacant residence. Place in this position as a public service rather than being locked up for hundreds of counts of trespass and breaking and entering.

Personality: Has absolutely no sense of property in relation to space, which
allows him to venture freely and without remorse. As a hobby, his taken on
collecting knick knacks he finds in his travels, but the majority of it is
assorted locks. Not very outspoken and often overlooked in a crowd.

Appearance: Bespectecaled with perscription googles; over the years he
has broken too many glasses throughout mapping and exploring for his own
liking. It's normal to find him with a film of dirt caking his clothing and
exposed skin. Keeps his hair low cropped and nails trim. Attire is that of a
miner: thick boots, heavy work pants, suspenders, etc. His build is very
cut. Having an extreme disliking for mustaches, he keeps a nice sized beard. A crow bar and lockpick kit are stored in a satchel that he keeps tight to his body.

This character is currently half-baked and shall be revised in the near future.
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Shane "Gridlayer" Mulcare
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