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 Yujjana Hope

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PostSubject: Yujjana Hope   Tue Jul 15, 2008 5:43 pm

Name: Yujjana Hope
Sex: Female
Race: Backstager *I am under the assumption that this is a tiefling with the Fey Step power but if not it will be changed*
Age: 19
Occupation: 'Mayor' of Theramae

Physical Description
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 157 lbs
Eye Color: both her eyes are crimson with speckles of purple
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Ruddy

Yujjana is commander of the small and, at least individually, meek. Her body is riddled with Metropolitis towers that jut from her, some with very strange angles and other that appear parallel to her body. The most prominent ones that people realise first are the two towers that reach from her shoulders to the top of her head and the expansive 'tower' that has taken over her upper chest. Both of these areas are used by the little people that she rules over both as a general to an army and a mayor to a town.

Her horns are used by the 'town' of Theramae for housing, while her chest and shoulders are used as a castle and watch towers respectively. Yujjana sells her 'army' as well as her body to the highest bidder. On any particular day she is often running as a courier within the city for the Library to the Labyrinth, the place where she stepped from Backstage for the first time.

Yujjana in 4e terms is a Tiefling Tactical Warlord who has a severe case of Metroplitis. She uses the little people for ranged support but often has to move her melee weapons and shield out of the way as well as specifically command the townsfolk. Not quite sure how to handle that rules wise, but for now if she is going to shoot it will be as if she were holding a crossbow.

First running through of character, I will go back and revamp her but that is what she is now.
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Yujjana Hope
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