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 Forum Session #0.5

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PostSubject: Forum Session #0.5   Fri Jul 18, 2008 4:56 am

Hey all, I'm offering to start off a simple play-by-post to get things started. Anyone's open to join, I'd just like to see a little more life on the forums.

Ok, here goes:

Forum Session #0.5


You are in what appears to be a market square within the labyrinth. The walls are high, grey, and imposing. Various kinds of plant life have come to nearly dominate the area and every building has atleast a few vines on it. A light rain falls from above.

The square is about half the size of a city block, with many roads and alleys running into it. Even with the rain many people can be found here, haggling with merchants, grifting, or such. The most notable features here is a large open-area curio shop, a small portable shrine built on top of a junker, a madman yelling over the top of the crowd, and a seedy pub: "The Drunken.... Thing" (You say it with an audible pause).

The curio shop is filled with random bits of junk such as bottles of various liquids, preserved anatomical freaks, rusty implements, carpets, and clippings from flyers. It is run by a nervous and overworked backstager who is constantly trying to see what everyone is doing. A small halfling is trying to avoid him. The halfling's coat is full of odd bulges. He might be shoplifting.

The portable shrine is slapdash, its just bits of stuff arranged semi-tastefully. A half-decent picture of the inebriated one hangs from the center. The junker occasionally pauses to talk to people. If you watch him for a while it appears that the junker is actually trying to give people money for some reason.

The madman is on a soapbox. He's trying to tell people about something, but you can't tell what he's really saying from here. You hear various phrases such as 'chest dragon', 'evil thingies from beyond the thingy', and 'hippopotatomous'. He keeps pointing to a book he has in hand. A few people are starting to look suspicious or nervous and a few are shouting things at him. He might be in trouble soon if he doesn't shut his yap.

The pub is loud, even out here, and squealing can be heard from inside. The windows are made out of smoked glass, you really can't see inside. About one of every three people to go inside comes out shortly thereafter, terrified. There is a man, quite obviously smashed out of his mind, sitting outside the pub. He wears a traditional captain's hat.


This is open to anyone to join and post. If you want to play, please give your players' basic motivations for being here. If you want any more information about anything, just ask. If anyone wants to give suggestions feel free.
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Kord's Boon

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Session #0.5   Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:28 am

I'll see if I can Make a character soon, just to get the ball rolling if you're still interested.
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Forum Session #0.5
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